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Camper Renault Mascott 4x4

Renault Mascott 3.0 dci 150 hp van, two people, after locking differential, 6 speed, air conditioning, driver seat with mold radiocd, audio controls on steering wheel, elevalunes electric, electric mirrors and cruise control.

4x4 Transformation:
Kit 4x4 permanent locking center differential and front.

Tyres and wheels:
6 285/75 R16 tires. 6 of 16 reinforced wheels.

Vehicle Accessories:
Warn 9.5 XP winch, trailer hitch compressor, side entrance esgraó Renault repost support wheels, two tanks of diesel, a diesel filter decanter, three water tanks (two outdoor and one indoor table below), a sensor oil level, three probes 300mm water, trasvassament diesel pump, two water pumps Aqua8 Fiamma 10l, mouth and mouth water with tap key, key outdoor shower, two turntables seat, Parrot CK3200 Bluetooth hands-free, making additional 12V driver, making internal 220V, 220V taken outside, auxiliary battery semitracció, PBX 15A Scheiber, a obscuridor front cabin, cabin obscuridors two sides, two bedroom stringers, sand sheets Martax kit 4,000 kg.
Windows, closets and skylights:

Seitz S4 Sliding windows Three 800x450 DOMETIC, DOMETIC Seitz S4 Sliding windows two 500x450, Mini Hekiplus skylight 400x400mm, 725x680mm shower plate.

Isolation and laminated walls of the vehicle. Soil. Pillows and mattress.

Kitchen counter of 164 cm long, 47.5 cm wide and 91 cm high, placed 58.5 cm to the side door frame. It consists of three modules, hob, refrigerator and sink. Beneath the hob is a set of drawers and a cupboard under the sink. Wardrobe on the hob with extractor fan DOMETIC CK400. Wardrobe on the refrigerator and sink with three separations and two 35cm encastrables adjustable focus. Wall separating bedroom.
Bedroom: bed 130cm wide and 174cm long. A door under the bed to access the chest 80x70cm. Two sets of three side cabinets placed on the roof. A shelf placed in the context of the gates.
Bathroom: a wall separating bedroom. A side wall cross. A wall with a door. A wall separating the sides. A shelf beside the sink. A wooden rack to floor.
Dining with a seat cover. A table. Wrap tank under the table.

DOMETIC CWP5311 water purifier. Webasto diesel ceramic hob x100. DOMETIC DOMETIC Refrigerator RM4281LM Pica EC 99 B-HI-G stainless steel faucet. Exhaust DOMETIC CK400 with two halogen lights. Fluorescent with halogens in the kitchen. Fluorescent Bathroom. Halogen with switch (two in the bedroom and the dining room) Bathroom corner blank. 465 Electric Porta Potts. Monomando shower faucet. Outdoor Shower. Water heater. System supports up and down the table. Control Panel Scheiber. Fire Extinguisher with media.



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